Welcome to Merge Wars!

Merge Wars is a prototype for a casual-type of game where the player needs to improve her base by merging buildings of the same type.

How to Play

  1. Wait for buildings to drop from outer space
  2. Click on a building and then click on another one of the same type to merge them together
  3. Keep merging buildings together to increase your base level and gather more energy.
  4. Once you've got enough energy, the "Attack" button will appear that lets you drop a squad of soldiers to attack enemy structures
  5. Experiment with the Time Dilation Device (tm)
  6. Buy higher level buildings in the Shop
  7. Destroy the enemy base to complete the game


  • Click to select and merge buildings
  • Click and drag to rotate the planet
  • Zoom with the mouse wheel

Leave your feedback

This game is still under development. Any feedback will be appreciated. 

Thanks for playing!


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fun, simple game. I'll wait for more